The magic of children


That is, regrettably, the amount of children lost to drowning in the last 10 years in Vietnam, and the reason behind my involvement with the bi-lingual books project.

Why be of one voice, when we can weave a rich tapestry of language that transcends cultures and borders?

Children are the future, and to gift them, with a love of discovery, is the ultimate joy. Be it music, art, culture, an inquisitive nature, or language; we as a society, have an innate ability, and responsibilty, to unleash their titanic potential, and live life to their full potential.

Every child is a gift to the world!

Photo by Ms Thu-Trang Tran (C) 2018

My passion, to develop in children, not sign language, but verbal communication on a bi-lingual level, is the cornerstone of our project.

In all our books, we deliver subliminal water safety messages, that we can only hope, will make an impact on the disastrous death toll of children lost to drowning in Vietnam.

It will bring immense joy to all of us invested in this project, if one life is spared.

Our magical wish, for that is the world our children live in, is to entertain, tickle their funnybone, and let that beautiful laughter, that only a child has, ring out.

We hope your children enjoy these bed time stories, and treasure them for years to come.

The team welcomes your ideas, suggestions, and yes your hidden stories, that you want to paint our pages with.


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