Our Story

O WOW! Books is a social enterprise that seeks to commission and publish books, to realise the power of the written word to shape our world.

Our books are imbued with the values we wish to share with our children.
In all our books:

  • We celebrate diversity
  • We promote strong female characters in books (because there hasn’t been enough to date)
  • We advance literacy by cultivating a love of reading and languages
  • We share a sense of wonder and magic

O WOW! Books emerged from a highly successful charity project, kickstarted by a beach cafe in Nha Trang, Vietnam. The inaugural project ‘Pirate Kim’ was a collaboration by a wonderful international creative team:

  • Ms Thu-Trang Tran, O WOW! Books Founder (Australia & Vietnam)
  • Ms Trinh-Thuc Ha (Vietnam)
  • Ms Annie Duncan (Hong Kong & Australia)
  • Mr Garry Godfrey (Vietnam & Australia)
  • Ms Maria Tran (Australia)
Illustration by Annie Duncan