Our words shape our children’s worlds. Books we read to children, pictures we share with them, create the world that our kids grow up to know and shape how they see themselves.

We take our fun books seriously.

They are mirrors and windows to the worlds our kids live in.

Photo by Andre Mouton/Unsplash

Our book(s) showcases the diverse lives we now lead in our globalised world. Vietnamese kids growing up in Australia. Australian kids going to schools in Vietnam. Or as examples from our own lives, Chinese-Vietnamese-Australian, French-Vietnamese, and Japanese-Chinese-Australian kids playing with each other in playgrounds in Melbourne, Hong Kong and Nha Trang.

It’s important for children to see themselves represented in the books they read. Words children hear and pictures children see make their worlds and the values they learn to live by.

The world of books needs to show and tell more diversity lived at large. The #weneeddiversebooks movement addresses this. We too are doing it.
One book at a time.
For our kids.